Best Colon Cleanser Product Recommendations

After comprehensive analysis and evaluations of the top colon cleanser products, we bring you the best colon cleanser recommendations. Our advisory board reviewed the ingredients and available published information about each colon cleanser, along with anecdotal user reports (more information below). The evaluation of each colon cleanser is the best and most through report we can provide.

You'll find a detailed analysis of each colon cleanser linked from the chart below.

Reference Panel

  • Dr. Cathy Wong on Colon Cleansing for Weight Loss Cathy Wong
    ND, CNS
  • Dr. Edward Group, author of Health Begins in the Colon Dr. Edward Group
  • Dr. Jesse Hanley on fighting fatigue with colon cleansing Dr. Jesse


#1 Core Cleanse

Core Cleanse Review

The average colon has up to 20 pounds of undigested fecal matter clinging to its walls, causing a host of unwanted health problems and terminal conditions. As a result, solutions like Core Cleanse have been created to help restore the colon to optimal health and regularity. In just a few days, Core Cleanse is said to provide a completely natural means for eliminating toxic substances in the body while rebalancing the intestinal flora, refreshing the mind and body, and encouraging weight loss. As one of the leading products of its type on the market, Core Cleanse promises its users will experience increased energy levels, flatter stomachs, and clearer thinking as a result of regular use.

Core Cleanse Review

#2 Vital Cleanse

Vital Cleanse colon cleanser

Vital Cleanse all-natural colon cleanser works to flush toxins and waste out of the body, letting you achieve optimal health. Unlike other colon cleansing techniques, Vital Cleanse is gentle on your body. Working over the course of several days to help you remove harmful toxins and improve your overall health, Vital Cleanse effectively eliminates toxins and trapped waste from the colon.

Bowtrol Colon Cleanser Review

#3 Bowtrol

Bowtrol colon cleanser

When it comes to cleaning the colon, it's important to seek all-natural solutions which do not add to the already toxic environment of a colon in need of detoxification. For a number of consumers, Bowtrol is regarded as a suitable all-natural herbal colon cleanser that supports regularity, maintains and the overall health of the digestive tract. According to its makers, Bowtrol achieves this ideal by safely eliminating toxins from the colon while encouraging the intestinal organs to function as they were naturally designed. As one of the more popular colon cleansers on the market today, Bowtrol has garnered a number of supporters and detractors since its introduction.

Bowtrol Colon Cleanser Review

#4 Cologenix Intestinal Cleanser

It's no secret that a high-fiber diet helps one to maintain optimum colon health and overall wellness. As one of the most recognizable fiber-based supplements available today, Cologenix Intestinal Cleanser is said to utilize fiber in order to help rid the colon of years of accumulated toxic build-up. According to its makers, regular use of Cologenix Intestinal Cleanser prevents the digestive tract from being compacted with metabolic waste, toxins, and mucus. The fiber and other elements used in Cologenix's formula swell to absorb fluids while breaking up and transporting toxic waste trapped in the colon so as to facilitate optimal elimination.

Our Colon Cleanser Review Process:

Our experienced and knowledgeable advisory board surveyed the best colon cleanser products on the market using this analysis process:

  1. Available product information is reviewed. This includes ingredient list and manufacturing process.
  2. Survey of peer-reviewed research on the colon cleanser ingredients and their effects.
  3. Laboratory testing of a sample of the product ingredients. (This is to insure not only purity but also that the published ingredients list conforms to the actual product.)
  4. Anecdotal evidence (reader surveys and personal experiences) for each colon cleanser product is also evaluated.

We strive to offer only the best possible information regarding these colon cleansers to help you separate the hype from the facts. Read our reviews.