Colon Hydrotherapy

Detoxification of the major organs and, in fact, the entire body, has long been a vital part of Eastern medicinal traditions such as Ayurveda. In fact, colon hydrotherapy and other detox processes were a part of Western medicine until the early 20th century, but fell out of favor as we entered a more "modern" age.

With hundreds -- even thousands -- of years of tradition behind their use, it seems that colon hydrotherapy and detox procedures should still be considered a part of our overall health routine. And for some people, especially those who practice naturopathic or alternative medicine, detox, liver cleanse, and colon cleansing are a vital component for maintaining overall health.

Josephine Goffe-Gardner, a naturopathic doctor, recommends colon cleansing for her patients as a preventative health measure. "We are constantly bombarded with toxins on a daily basis through diet and environment," she says via her website. "Detoxification should become a daily, routine practice in your life."

Unlike Western medicine, naturopathic medicine treats the whole body, looking for the root causes of symptoms rather than simply treating the symptoms themselves. Often, symptoms can be traced back to lack of balance in your system as a whole, including toxic buildup in major organs such as the livery, kidneys, and colon.

Colon hydrotherapy benefits

Many naturopathic doctors, including Goffe-Gardner, offer colon hydrotherapy in their practices. This treatment irrigates the entire colon with water, washing out excess waste and other toxic material that has collected over the years. Appreciating the colon hydrotherapy benefits, many patients will undergo regular, periodic sessions to ensure the continued health and cleanliness of the entire colon.

Removing this accumulated waste -- as much as five to twenty five pounds in the average adult -- can help restore the colon to proper function. Without this waste interfering with your body systems, your colon is better able to process food and eliminate waste, and many bothersome symptoms can disappear.

Some symptoms that can indicate a need for colon cleansing and system detoxification include persistent headaches, insomnia, fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, and even mood swings and irritability. All these can be caused by the buildup of toxins in your body, and all can be greatly reduced or relieved through colon detoxification.

Colon hydrotherapy alternatives

Colon hydrotherapy, while effective, can also be inconvenient and expensive, and some people find it uncomfortable or embarrassing, and so choose not to pursue it. However, colon cleansing can also be accomplished through use of special supplements. These supplements include time-proven ingredients such as aloe vera, goldenseal, and psyllium to help your body shed the toxins and waste that collect in the colon.

As a staple treatment of alternative medicine, detox and colon cleansing can not only help eliminate existing symptoms, but can prevent the recurrence of previously chronic illness. As a preventative measure, detox can be more effective in the prevention of chronic symptoms than any allopathic approach. Colon cleansing as a regular routine can keep your colon and your body healthy and reduce the damage of environmental toxins. A high-quality, gentle colon cleansing supplement can make this an easy, painless process, so you can easily keep yourself in tip-top health.

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