Health Begins in the Colon

An active proponent of colon cleansing, Dr. Edward F. Group III is the founder of Global Healing Center, and has written extensively on the subjects of natural healing and alternative medicine. With extensive training in holistic medicine, chiropractic care, and clinical nutrition, he has a wide background and knowledge of natural health care. He is also an avid supporter of colon cleansing.

Dr. Group has written two books on the subject of colon cleansing. The first, "Health Begins in the Colon," was released in 2007 and contains comprehensive information on how to detoxify the body through efficient colon cleansing. "The Complete Colon Cleansing Guide" is an abridged version of "Health Begins in the Colon." While it contains less information than the original version of the book, it's still a valuable and detailed guide.

First line of defense against toxins

"I feel it's my purpose in life to teach you how critical it is to detoxify your body on the inside as well as the outside," says Group. "I want people to know that the root cause of disease stems from the accumulation of toxins in the body, and daily exposure to a toxic living environment." According to Group, detoxification of the body, including the colon, and a lifestyle change that reduces or even eliminates the toxins we consume or are exposed to every day, is the key to overall health.

"Over 90% of these toxins enter your body through the intestinal tract," Group states. "Your body's self-healing mechanisms can become overwhelmed by toxins … and disease or poor health is the result." In fact, Group states that he has "discovered body toxins to be the underlying cause in nearly every case of general illness and poor physical or mental health," and that "you can strengthen and retrain your intestinal system to work as the first line of defense against toxins."

Relief from headaches, IBS, fatigue, or PMS?

Mechanical colon cleansing has been a common option for those seeking a comprehensive system detox, but supplements can work just as well, if not better, and are easier and more comfortable to use. Research by Dr. Group and others shows that toxins and lingering waste in the colon can have a detrimental effect on the entire body, causing a wide variety of symptoms. If you suffer from chronic headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, or even severe PMS symptoms, detoxification and colon cleansing might be the answer you're looking for to relieve your discomfort.

The highest quality, best-researched detoxification ingredients can gently and thoroughly cleanse your colon of literally pounds of lingering toxins. Some studies indicate that the average American's colon could be up to 80% blocked. This blockage makes it difficult if not impossible for this important organ to do its job of absorbing nutrients and eliminating toxins.

Thorough, efficient colon cleansing can correct these imbalances and bring your body back into balance. Even if you've felt uncomfortable or even ill for years, this detoxification could finally bring you the health you've sought. Let a well-researched, proven, guaranteed colon cleanser make the difference for you, and bring you to a level of health you've never experienced before. Read our reviews.

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